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Looking to drive global systems change?

We can help your people collaborate and feel more inspired.

There is a growing need to support effective collaboration across global communities and research networks.


We curate events and processes to support learning and collaboration among network members, grantees and researchers.

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Effective collaborations

We help create coherent and effective collaborations by bringing people together in inclusive and engaging ways. 


Inspired communities

We create inspiring and authentic opportunities for connection and belonging in your network.


Amplified impact

We help amplify the impact of your network's solutions and findings.

We do this in three ways

Are you bringing the people you fund into effective collaboration?

or are they stuck in their local silos and drifting off on their own tangents...

Herding cats is never easy. Now we’re not comparing your project partners to cats… however, building coherent and effective coalitions at a global scale is not for the faint-hearted. It's also never been more necessary.

One of the cornerstones of effective systems-change processes are inclusive research collaborations. But, they don’t happen by themselves. Often the academic partners, funders or grantees tasked with making this happen appreciate a helping hand, so they can get on with what they do best. 

We help you work in true partnership by surfacing the voices of your network in authentic ways when participation may be limited through access to resources, technology and data.

We'll also do the heavy lifting to facilitate processes that can bring your people together. Whatever form your collaboration takes, we'll help you break down a complex process into bite-sized pieces, and get your people excited to participate.

Effective collaboration

Do your people feel inspired and part of something bigger?

Inspired communities

or are you struggling to connect across the globe in online spaces...

So your online community has been launched, or your grantees have been funded, maybe your projects and deliverables are well underway and you have regular check-in sessions scheduled. But what next? If you're struggling to get a sense of how connected your people actually are, and how you can help them connect remotely, you are not alone. 


Connecting with others and creating spaces for speaking openly and authentically is central to aligning solutions for collective impact.


We can help by strengthening linkages and building ‘social tissue’ between members of your network. We find creative ways to build solidarity and curate authentic opportunities for connection and belonging.


From low-tech, low-data digital platforms and customised local film festivals, to large online gatherings or multi-day in-person conferences, we thrive off the magic that happens when people feel inspired to share and learn from one another.

Are you creating impact with the solutions your network is generating? 

or are they growing dusty on forgotten shelves...

Amplified impact

With so much time and energy spent developing new insights and potentially transformative solutions, it’s a pity we spend so little time learning to sing our stories from the rooftops. Many networks don’t know how to get their message out into the world or don't invest the time needed to build a compelling and cohesive narrative.

We amplify the impact of your network's solutions and findings by helping you build a compelling, cohesive narrative based on evidence, that advocates for systems-level change.


Whether this is honing your people's skills to present their work through speaker coaching, or to visually tell their story through film, or leveraging communication and design to make their research more accessible – we help your people develop the tools they need to get their messages out into the world in the best way possible.

We’ve helped some pretty amazing organisations

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What people say about us

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“Dear Rosie, Mary, Jane, Micky and the team who made the Farmer Research Convening Process such a success and joy: THANK YOU too!  The process and product were all very inspiring, impressive and fun.  I marveled, many times, at the energy, efficiency and effectiveness of the team.  A big HATS OFF to you!  I have often reflected with extreme gratitude what a great team we had to see us though the convening process and the culminating event.  It was wonderful!."

Professor Rebecca Nelson, Cornell University (USA)

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