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Storytelling through mobile film

Give your people the power to create powerful stories about their work that they can share with the world at the click of a button. Technology has changed the way the world learns and shares ideas. And today, more than ever, young people are looking for new ways to document and share their thoughts and experiences. 

Storytelling through mobile film can bring to life the lived experience of those at the coalface of research and their communities who face challenges of unsustainable development, inequalities and climate change. Film and images can give an intimate look into the voices of those with complex realities. It can add intense detail and nuance that sometimes can’t be communicated through reports or writing.

Storytelling through mobile film

We help your people tell their stories
and share their work


  • To give your people the power of storytelling using only the smartphone in their pocket

  • To enhance your people's capacity to influence systems transformation through advocacy and storytelling

  • To expand the evidence base of systems change practices 

  • To  experiment with arts-based approaches to communicating research by teaching your people different ways and tools to express themselves


  • Teaching your network's projects to showcase and capture their findings and research methods by creating short films using only the smartphone in their pocket

  • Hosting customised training courses teaching your people everything they need to know to produce their own films, including storyboarding, film basics and editing

  • Hosting virtual or local in-person film festivals celebrating and showcasing the short films produced by projects

  • Creating a 'WhatsApp Cinema' featuring your network's film that can be readily shared within communities using low-data

  • Coaching your people to find ‘the story’ of their work and to distil complex work into clear and simple messages that are relevant and accessible to wider audiences

Our impact

We have run training programmes with 3 global networks. We have trained more than 350+ project teams and grantees from 21 countries and helped them produce 200 short mobile films documenting their work. Projects joining our training (conducted in English, Spanish and French) have hailed from East and Southern Africa, West Africa, Asia and the Andres including: India, Bolivia, Ecuador, Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Ghana, Mali, Niger, Tunisia, Senegal, Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, South Africa, Somalia/Somaliland, Tanzania, Zambia,  Zimbabwe. Here is a small selection of those films.


Project teams have participated in our training courses on storytelling through mobile film 


Countries from the Global South have participated in our training from Andes, East Africa, Southern Africa and West Africa


Mobile films have been produced through mobile film training

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