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We are passionate about gathering with purpose. We specialise in facilitating learning and research processes and hosting events that create connections and co-create knowledge.  


We begin curating your events and processes by first understanding what you want to achieve by gathering your people. All else flows into this.


We also understand that co-curating your events with your leadership team and carefully facilitating inclusivity is the secret ingredient to making it meaningful and effective for participants.


Whether it is running online communities of practice, research synthesis or collaboration or generating compelling calls to action –We promise to find ways to achieve your purpose that are authentic and creative and will leave your people feeling energised.


We help facilitate events and processes


  • To build solidarity in online communities by creating shared authentic experiences 

  • To strengthen linkages and build stronger ‘social tissue’ between members of your network

  • To encourage evidence-sharing and knowledge collaboration between your people /through sharing and learning 

  • To help your network co-produce knowledge as a new methodological approach that can generate solutions posed by climate change, social inequalities and unsustainable development

  • To give practical support needed to engage in knowledge co-creation and democratising research processes, and creative ideas that help break down traditional boundaries and hierarchies

  • To help projects in different countries and disciplines synthesise research and identify emerging themes

  • To help democratise knowledge co-creation and decolonise research, by carefully facilitating processes that pay careful attention to power dynamics, particularly in Global North and South partnerships

  • To build ethical partnerships through facilitating processes that foreground the local agendas, agency and knowledge systems of project partners


  • Facilitating safe spaces for sharing, complex contexts, difficult stories and meaningful exchanges

  • Facilitating opportunities to share experiences and practices. This may be specific moments in time such as once-off online gatherings, or multi-month learning processes that will energise and bring your people together

  • Co-curating your meeting, event or conference programme alongside your leadership team that is aligned with your network goals and objectives

  • Embedding your purpose through all curation decisions from crafting an invitation strategy, communications, programme design, selecting technology platforms, to the way we open and close your gatherings

  • Building in support and capacity mobilisation for grantees to participate as co-researchers and jointly synthesise and prepare shared research findings in online gatherings

  • Coaching your people to be able to speak confidently about their work at your gatherings

  • Leading processes to synthesise research findings and insights for projects and leadership teams to produce concise calls to action or thematic overviews

  • Clarifying shared what insights and findings have emerged across projects and countries, whilst not losing the diversity of local knowledge

Our work

Facilitating research synthesis

We can help you do the heavy lifting by facilitating processes that bring together researchers and grantees to synthesise their research findings. Whether it is collaborating across countries and disciplines to identify emerging themes, or finding common insights that can help generate compelling calls to action, we'll take care of hosting meetings, scheduling meetings across multiple timezones, setting timelines and follow-up actions, and creating excitement amongst your people without adding more to their workload.

Facilitating learning and collaborative processes 

We specialise in facilitating processes with networks of Global South grantees working with Global North partners. Whether this is a month-long process to help grantees collaboratively synthesise and decide on the key themes emerging from their work, or a multi-month process to help them meet and prepare for your conference, we can help you break down a complex process into bite-sized pieces, and get your people excited to participate.

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