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Online gatherings

We all want our virtual events to provide opportunities for connection and collaboration with our teams - but this is easier said than done. More often than not, we come away feeling fatigued from online meetings and missing a sense of personal connection and two-way engagement.


We firmly believe that when done well and with a keen sense of the ‘art of gathering’, virtual events can spark a practice of sharing. When this happens, gatherings can become opportunities for grantees to synthesise research findings, and an opportunity to strengthen linkages and build stronger ‘social tissue’ between members of your network. 

Speaker coaching Dylan McGarry

We help your people gather in online spaces


  • To curate in-person or virtual events and conferences that will energise and inspire your people

  • To inspire a collective sense of community and solidarity through shared experiences

  • To create opportunities for your network to share research findings, practices and insights

  • To create thriving and energised online communities

  • To help your people gain the skills and confidence to present their work

  • To build your capacity to host online events that focus on sharing knowledge and practices

  • To encourage sharing, learning and cross-pollination of ideas between grantees through joint presentations in online gatherings

  • To celebrate the transition or end of a project by coming together to share insights and actions


  • Organising an event that brings together members from across all network levels and disciplines to synthesise and share their research findings

  • Facilitating your event with a deep appreciation of your vision and the art of gathering well

  • Co-curating your event’s programme alongside your leadership team that is aligned with your network's goals and objectives

  • Designing the interactive program elements of your programme including opening and closing sessions, networking, plenary sessions, keynote presentations, panel discussions, breakout room activities and discussion prompts, informal relationship-building segments, music and media sharing, transition activities and breaks 

  • Working with your team to develop a thematic focal point for global attention through your event

  • Developing an invitation strategy to help you get the right stakeholders in the room

  • Generating excitement in the lead-up to your event through communications (emails, mailers, social media)

  • Bringing style and flair to your events through beautiful design and event branding

  • Coaching your people to build their capacity to present online

  • Taking care of all technical needs to host and support your Zoom meetings or webinars

  • Arranging simultaneous interpretation of meetings into multiple languages

  • Designing meaningful engagement with your meeting participants and capturing feedback in online meetings using breakout rooms, polls, chatbox or live collaborative tools

  • Recording speaker presentations and uploading sessions onto your YouTube channel as a lasting legacy

  • Showcasing highlights of your gathering through post-event mailers

  • Pre-virtual meeting training – learn the ins and outs of using Zoom features, hosting and best practices

  • Pre-virtual meeting trial run – we’ll help you test your audio and video settings, check your software runs smoothly, and advise on any technical issues so your event runs smoothly

Our impact

AFSA 3rd biennial conference 'African food markets' 2020

  • 600+ Attendees over 3 days (22% French, 73% English, 5% bilingual)

  • 64 countries in attendance

  • 50 organisations represented

  • 46 speakers and facilitators

McKnight Foundation / CCRP 'Transforming research, reimagining food system' gathering 2021:

  • 600+ Attendees over 3 days

  • 53 countries in attendance

  • 168 organisations represented

  • 86 speakers and facilitators

TESF 'Reimagining the future of education' - global legacy event 2023:

  • 250+ Attendees over 3 days

  • 6 countries in attendance

  • 120 organisations represented

  • 16 speakers and facilitators

TESF legacy conference (internal) 2023:

  • 450 Attendees over 3 days

  • 6 countries in attendance

  • 69 organisations represented

  • 91 speakers and facilitators

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