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Communications and design

We understand the power of good design and communication. We also understand that aligning good design with your overall project outputs can be a real headache, especially when deadlines and budgets are tight.


By working with a trusted network of communication experts, illustrators, graphic designers and graphic harvesters, we simplify your life by doing this all for you. Funder logos where they need to be, things looking sexy. No hassles. 

Our deep involvement in other aspects of your knowledge process - such as speaker coachingmobile filmmaking and facilitating collaboration - also means we can take an active role in writing for your network. This takes the pressure off you to generate content and allows our team of writers to produce meaningful content on your behalf.

Communications and design

We help communicate your work


  • To amplify the impact of the solutions your network generates

  • To elevate your network’s findings beyond individuals and projects into a compelling collective narrative

  • To build a cohesive narrative based on evidence that supports transformation and change at a systems-level

  • To make your work more accessible and relatable to wider audiences so you can effectively share your evidence-based supporting global systems change

  • To generate excitement and sustain momentum in the run-up to your virtual events

  • To produce effective content that connects people to your knowledge

  • To spark a practice of sharing within your network by producing content on their work they will want to share with the world

  • To spark interest, provide understanding and motivate action through beautifully written and designed websites, flyers, and thought pieces


  • Equipping your people with practical communication tools to share their work and findings

  • Producing written content pieces that are timely, relevant and compelling such as blog posts, or calls to action

  • Making your work accessible to wider audiences and uninitiated readers that is simple, moving and relatable 

  • Co-developing thought leadership pieces that are written by your researchers. We help to position authors as experts with valuable insights and creative solutions

  • Designing websites and flyers to showcase your events and the work of your network

  • Generate regular, timely and shareable content (such blog posts) to showcase the people and findings of your network

  • Supporting your people through targeted training or masterclasses on how to give engaging Zoom presentations, or how to host an effective online workshop or discussion

Our work

Documenting and sharing research 

No matter where you are in your project or grant cycle we can help you get your message out. This means that when teams are tired and the pressure is on, you can focus on meeting your core deliverables while we handle the rest. Through our trusted network of writers, communication strategists and designers, we help you to maximise the dissemination and uptake of your work.

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