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Speaker coaching

How we talk about our work matters. Often, those with the most confidence, rather than the best ideas get heard. Similarly, the best researchers are not always the best storytellers.

With this in mind, we coach your experts to become more compelling communicators. We know how to help passionate people tell their stories and share their work in a way that is simple, relatable and accessible.


We support them to retain local realities and refine their focus while cutting through jargon to convey compelling messages about their work to each other and the world. 

Speaker coaching

We coach your people present and share their work


  • To guide those with deep knowledge that is rooted in local realities and lived experiences to share their knowledge

  • To elevate your network’s findings beyond the project-level, to a cohesive, evidence-based narrative that supports global systems-level transformations

  • To enhance the capacity of your people to become compelling communicators

  • To mobilise your people's capacity to influence systems transformation through advocacy and storytelling

  • To enhance the ability of your projects to contribute to joint presentations and co-produce knowledge with other researchers


  • Offering bespoke speaker training to coach your people to present and contribute to joint sessions in virtual events and meetings confidently

  • Designing and facilitating once-off or multi-month learning processes that mobilise your projects to participate as co-researchers and co-presenters

  • Equipping your people with practical communication tools to share their work and amplify the impact of your network's findings and solutions

  • Offering targeted training and tools to enhance the capacity of your project teams or grantees to share their findings through presentations

  • Equipping your people with resources and practical tactics that can help facilitate storytelling to local and global audiences

  • Training your people to produce compelling narratives that focus on showcasing ideas and new methods of working

  • Coaching your storytellers to move beyond detailed programme descriptions or partnerships

Our work

Supporting professional speakers

As the curator and speaker coach for TEDxCapeTownWomen, Rosie has selected and coached many speakers to share their stories, both locally on the Global TED stage.

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